IPTV Set top box provides the best quality Freeview Channels, worldwide, over the internet straight to your television. Simply plug the IPTV box to your internet connection and attach the cable provided to your television and away you go, with the best of UK television at your fingertips.
The box comes with the 40 main Freeview channels as well as RTE One and RTE Two, you can view the full channel listing below. The box comes with an easy to use EPG as well as a 1 week TV Catchup service that allows you to browse through and watch past programs.
All the channels on the EPG are duplicated providing a backup system.

  • 50 UK Channels and 4 Irish Channels
  • No Computer require
  • Connects straight on TV
  • TV Catchup available for 7 days
  • Recording available to pen drive
  • High speed Internet required